About us

Keeping and delivering on all our promises at all times.

Real ICT Service is established in 2008 for the successes full transformation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) innovations and uplifts the standard of living in East Africa Region by collaborating potential experts of Information Communication Technology of the industry.

Organizational Over-view

Provide Secure, reliable, and adequate ICT infrastructure and
management services.


We seek to use the power of ICT innovation to uplift the standard of individuals and organizations in East Africa region. 


One of the leading ICT enabled business solutions and services provider in East African region before 2020(E.C) 


Our core strategic objective is to position a leading provider of state of the art, high added value ICT solution and service to our customers 

Core Business

ICT Infrastructure Development and Service
Customer Support and Maintenance Service 
Enterprise Application and System
Development Service
Website Development and Hosting Services 

Why us?

Dedicated teams

we are dedicated to innovate the success
for your organization.

We are true partners

we build long term partnership with continuous delivery of ICT.

Trust in our experience

Master's & Degree holders with up to 12 years experience on ICT Industry

Focus on innovation

 Master's & Degree holders with up to 12 years experience on ICT Industry.

Local ICT organization

we are local organization serving in different home cities.

Best on ICT sector.

Our Company Established By Former Adama Science and Technology University ICT Professionals.

Our team

Currently in our organization we have 4 Full Time Employees and 3 part-timers are engaged with us to achieve our organizational mission. All of Our Team Members are MSC Degree, BSC Degree and Diploma holder in the area of Information Technology.


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